Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Recently, the abstract environments that I call my paintings and drawings, have morphed into three dimensions. My paintings are populated by specific elements or “participants.” It became necessary to deliberately resolve these forms. The sculptures are personifications of these characters.

These new sculptures have given life to the vocabulary of forms that I have developed over the years. These shapes, although abstractions, are based on my observations of the world around me. The assembled environments, worlds, and microcosms are spaces that are condensed or expanding. I enjoy the precariousness and play of balance between the delicate and the heavy. I like the works to teeter. The elements need to topple and lean, not hazardously, mind you. All components exist in humorous interdependence. The result creates forms that evolve from architecture, science, nature, and the technology that blends them together. Our here and now culture of new media and technologies along with their rapid advancement has become hyper-streamlined. Though I enjoy most of these inventions, the rickety and precarious worlds I create are in direct response to these changes.

jim mattei